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Take a look at our trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo!

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo; Colorado Springs, CO - Students in Mrs. Thomas' PLC class took a trip to the zoo today! They are researching how to build enclosures and exhibits for an animal of their choice. Their final project for their Science Personalized Learning Class will be to actually build a model enclosure- how exciting!

A summary of our day- Written by Aliesia Stuber:

For one of our fun personalized learning classes, some of our students got to go on a fun experience at the zoo whilst being with a tour guide. Students arrived at the zoo and met Ms. Jean as well as Ms. Madelyn, two of the tour guide ladies who nicely gave us the chance to have this experience. We got to go into areas that maybe you wouldn't be able to when you went either by yourself, with a friend, or with family. We had the chance to listen to the tour guides and learn many new things about the lions and other animals that we wouldn't have known by just researching them on the internet. It was also just cool to see the interest Ms. Jean was teaching us- fun new things. Learning new things and asking questions was interesting for all the students because everyone got a chance to ask questions and learn something new. All the students got a chance to feed the giraffes and see how long the giraffe's tongue was because Ms. Madylyn made them stretch so they would try and stretch the muscles in their tongues and actually just show the extreme length of their tongues as well as how thick they are. Getting to go by and see the giraffes, the lions, the penguins, the hippos, leopards, tigers, and peacocks, as well as getting to see the wallabies out of their enclosures. Some students even got the chance to pet them and feel how soft their fur is. Students also got to see how gentle they can be, then a minute later they were hopping around like crazy and running through the grass. It was an amazing experience for all students. After the zoo trip, all the students joined on the bus after getting to go to the gift shop and buy cool souvenirs. Students then ate lunch on the bus while listening to old jams and singing along together just having a good time.