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Elevenmile Canyon

An orienteering adventure...for credit!

For the first time, students are able to earn credit through Outdoor Education! It is a new opportunity that we are testing in order for students to learn more real-world skills. Students must take three classes to get full credit, and the class is only offered on one Saturday for each Hexter. 

Lake George, CO- For our first outdoor education class, Ms. Hagmaier and Dr. Wiggins took students to Elevenmile Canyon to participate in orienteering! Orienteering is an activity in which participants use a map and a compass to reach certain checkpoints through challenging terrain. Their course was 3.16 miles! 

Some topics they learned about along the way were how to read topographic maps, backcountry and wilderness skills, and first-aid skills.

Interview with Caden Hand, one of the participants:

Question: What was your favorite part of this outdoor education class?

Answer: Learning how to use a compass and read maps.

Question: Would you do another outdoor education class?

Answer: Yes, it was really fun!

Question: What types of outdoor education classes would you like to see in the future?

Answer: Anything that involves hiking- I like hiking!