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Making Parade Banners

Student Council Activities

Student council is a very important group in our school. They organize almost all events and are responsible for creating new events, advertising for them, and fundraising.



Students involved in the council for Hexter 1:

Gabe Boatman

Aliesia Stuber

Sheralynn Tafoya

Ryeker Traylor

Hexter 2 Student Council:

Gabe Boatman

Brian Childs

Elora Hull

Skylah Rose

Aliesia Stuber

Ryeker Traylor

We interviewed a couple of students from student council to ask about their experience and what student council is all about @ Discovery.

1.) What is student council?

Gabe: A group of peers that do special things for the school like organizing major events for holidays. We also decorate, plan and prepare events, and create spirit weeks.

2.)What's your favorite part about being in student council?

Gabe: Building things and doing crafts

Sheralynn: Preparing for the parade

3.) What are you looking forward to in student council this school year?

Gabe: Setting up for Halloween and the community parade.

Sheralynn: Setting up for the parade and Thanksgiving lunch.

4.) How do you make money for all of this?

A: We sell snacks and drinks Monday, Thursday, and Fridays during Mentor period. Everything is $1, and we are able to use the money towards our projects.

5.) Is there anything you'd like to add about being in student council?

A: It is a good way to get involved with your school!