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Hydraulics Class!

Take a look at Ms. Hagmaier's Hydraulics class!




In Ms. Hagmaier's PLC (Personal Learning Course), she is teaching the students all about hydraulics! She explains the activities of her class as: "Students are designing and building hydraulics arms to perform everyday tasks and research the impact of hydraulics on everyday life now and in the future."


Two of her students, Mason and Alex, agreed to answer a couple of brief questions for us.

Q: What is this class all about?

Mason: "It is all about the study of hydraulics, and we are using syringes instead of metal hydraulics like you would find in a car."

Alex: " We are making a claw to pick up an empty can to carry it over a wall."


Q: Can you tell us what hydraulics are?

Mason: "Hydraulics is using pressure and resistance to push or pull something."

Alex: "Hydraulics is a way to invent technology for the future to help with carrying heavy objects or transportation."


Q: Is there anything you'd like to add about this class?

Alex: "Join the class- it's fun!"