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We would like to dedicate a post to our Hexter 1 Achievers!




Honor Roll- All A's and B's:

Douglas Dougherty

Ema Edwards

Karen Enriquez

Dylan Jones

Jordin Reiher

Aliesia Stuber

Kody Whittaker


Perfect Attendance:

Ben Akin

Zach Akin

Johnathon Carmona

Brian Childs


Student of the Hexter

Cumorah Kowallis


Congratulations to all honor roll students for working hard and getting such good grades!

Congratulations to all students who were here every day and engaged in school!

Congratulations to Cumorah for achieving student of the hexter! This is a new achievement that is awarded to a student each hexter who demonstrates the 6 P's of Discovery: Prompt, Prepared, Positive Mental Attitude, Participate, Produce, Polite. Cumorah demonstrated these characteristics all throughout the hexter by always sharing her things, being extra prepared for literally every activity, and participating in all school activities. On any given morning, you say "Hey Cumorah, how ya doin'?" She'll reply with a prompt, "Platypus." Always a pleasure to see her in the mornings! Not to mention she'll bring homemade caramels to share. We are lucky to have her as a student here at Discovery!