Phoenix Days

Phoenix Days are designed to give you an opportunity to develop skills outside the classroom. We use Phoenix Days to practice, reinforce and improve the “Discovery Skills” that are so important to our school. Phoenix Days will challenge you. Your positive participation is required every Phoenix Day.

Phoenix Days are:

  • About learning.
  • Opportunities to use your Discovery Skills in a non-classroom setting.
  • Designed to create a better understanding and more consistent use of Discovery Skills in the “real world.”
  • A chance for you to prove your ability to behave in an adult and appropriate way.
  • A chance for social, academic and vocational growth.
  • A chance to show your Discovery Skills in public.
  • A school activity.  All school rules apply, including the dress code and especially the six P’s.

What Phoenix Days are NOT:

  • not goof-off events.
  • not an attempt to entertain you.
  • not “Free Days.”
  • not merely a way to pass the time.
  • not wasted time.
  • not an excuse not to be in class.
  • not an optional activity.  You are expected to attend and fully participate.